Giving Back- National Family Caregiver's Month

I'm Alexandria the founder of Dama Detroit. One of the reasons I started this company was to inspire women and also to be able to give back to causes that were important to me. 

This past summer my stepfather passed away. He was an incredible man and I miss him everyday. He had suffered from Alzheimer's for years. It's a terrible illness that takes it's toll both on the person suffering and on their families, who are usually the sole caregivers. 

I wanted to donate to an organization that not only funded research but that also understood the financial and emotional burden that is placed on families. This is why I decided that Hilarity for Charity would be the right organization for Dama Detroit to donate to. 

Hilarity for Charity was started in 2012 by Seth Rogan and his wife Lauren, who's own mother has dealt with early onset dementia for years. They saw the toll it took on her father and decided to start an organization that brought light to the illness and educated younger people. 

November is National Family Caregiver's Month and I would like to honor our loved ones and also their families. We donate 25% of the profits from every sale of the idealist tee to Hilarity for Charity. Help us beat this disease together and provide for families that need aid and support right now.